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Daily Show Trevor Noah makes a fool of Tomi Lahren

Daily Show Trevor Noah makes a fool of Tomi LahrenThere are two compelling stories here that give insight as to how we now have a certified buffoon only 5 points away from the White House. 63% of Americans get their news from social media. Only 15% of Facebook news users still read newspapers or news magazines while only 8% of Twitter’s news users do.

And of course the kicker, right-wing Blaze pundit Tomi Lahern had 63 million views of her take down of Colin Kaepernick. More people saw that than saw any single story on CNN, MSNBC, FOX NEWS, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and all the newspapers combined. No matter¬†what she said was deplorable right-wing swill that misses the point. It’s about intellectual hurdles which such people either run around, crawl underneath or just knock the fk over because no one cares.

As we have found in this election cycle, Americans are far more concerned with perceptions, appearances, gut feelings and beliefs than they are facts, data, thought and reality. Politics has become a religion.

The Facebook prequel to this here  

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