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George Washington gives Donald Trump the finger

Other than perhaps Andrew Jackson, all 44 presidents would give Trump the finger.

We had five of the six living presidents take the stage together the other day to help with hurricane relief including Puerto Rico. The two Republican Bushes, hit Trump over the head hard. The Democrats went limp except Jimmy Carter who said the Russians had no effect on the 2016 election and that poor President Trump was the most picked on president in history.  Hey Jimmy!  Why do you think that may be? You dufus enabler.

So why do you think President Trump did not appear with the other presidents on that stage?  Well first of all Donald Trump hates everyone of them, bigly. Secondly because everyone knows that his presence would disrupt the proceedings as the audience – not hand picked Donald Trump fans – would result in boos and shoutouts from the audience. And lastly because neither he nor his base gives a rat’s ass about hurricane relief for mostly Hispanics and African Americans who suffered the brunt of it in Puerto Rico and Houston.