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God comes to Stephen Colbert to explain why he picked Donald Trump

God comes to Stephen Colbert to explain why he picked Donald TrumpWhat should we expect from God, after all, he made it clear that a bad woman is responsible for corrupting a good man causing all of us to suffer misery and death. He committed the greatest genocide in human history – for what I hear had much to do with men going into ladies bathrooms. He told Abraham to murder his own son as a joke. He told Moses to take his chosen people to the city gates and stone an old man to death for lighting a fire on the Sabbath. He has done nothing to stop any war or genocide or mass murder. He is what he is. What do you expect?

In fact this Trump thing could very well be the second coming. His son reincarnated into making God Great again.  Or is it to bring on the End Times? Or is he the Anti-Christ? It’s all so, so, hmm, very silly.

You know, if nothing else The Donald getting the GOP nomination validates something many of us have been screeching here since the first day we listened to Rush Limbaugh.  That the Northeast and West coast run media completely fail to understand the number of ignorant bigoted a wholes in this country. The pretend it’s just a few gunloons with Timothy McVeigh pictures on their mantles and racists with confederate flags draping their trailers.

But as we will see come November there are at least 50 million of them. And that’s just the ones who vote. Another 100 million who can, don’t vote, so add about a third of those to the equation. 80 million ignorant bigoted a wholes is a lot. And of course few of them are black, hispanic, jewish, muslim, asian or gay. So do the math again subtracting all those and counting only white people. What is the percentage of white people in America who are ignorant bigoted a wholes? Is that an easy or a vast majority here in the United States of Duh?  How did we get that way?

What are the top two things that make Americans so EXCEPTIONAL?  Gun ownership and Jesus.