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Guns in Bars, no joke in Texas anymore!

I wrote this little ditty about 15 years ago. Making the GUNS IN BARS the crux of the joke. Now down here in Dumbass, Governor Perry is pushing this insanity which the Texas Legislature is bound to pass. Soon drunken crazyass 21 year olds and even drunker nastyass 60 year olds can shoot it out in Texas bars! Better not  touch that butt in the titty bar!

The Ten Traditional American Values:

10) Dueling
9) Injun killin’
8 ) Slavery
7) Apartheid
6) Woman ownin’
5) Leech Bleeding
4) Witch dunking
3) Public hangings
2) Child labor

And the number one Traditional American value?

1) GUNS IN BARS! (my favorite)