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Gyrocopter hero Doug Hughes vs Transport plane full of cash

American Gyrocopter hero Doug Hughs

Gyrocopter hero Doug Hughs
American gyrocopter hero Doug Hughs

This Toles Cartoon wraps this issue up as well as can be done, Citizen’s United which has turned American democracy into an Oligarchy has on it’s side a giant C130 dropping mega tons of cash on the Capitol while the stand against it is one old postal worker with a flying bicycle and 525 letters. Too big to fail.

A real American hero, 61 year old postal worker Doug Hughes landed his gyrocopter on the front lawn of the US Capital building the other day to deliver 535 letters to each person in congress asking them to stop taking bribes on the back of Citizen’s United. That is the story, not security, not gyrocopters, not the secret service and certainly not Republican Joe Scarborough saying he wanted the guy shot down and killed. Which it goes without saying is what most every moderate Republican like Joe Scarborough would enjoy.

Of course we cannot call Doug Hughes a hero here in America because he didn’t kill a few hundred people. Or did he have a gun or a Bible to make killing an American celebration.

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