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Hillary’s Email same old song

Hillary emailing murdererRemember 60 people Bill and Hillary murdered in Mena, Arkansas was not as bad as Hillary personally shooting Vince Foster in the side of the head from less than a foot away, they were lovers, wrapping the 6′ 4″ man up in a carpet, carrying out of her apartment to a brown car she had rented or stolen, driving to Marcy Park, dragging it across a field on a Sunny lunch hour day, rolling the carpet out to deposit the body on a wooded embankment, putting the murder weapon in his hand, rolling the carpet back up, carrying it back to the brown car and off to lunch with communists.

Rush Limbaugh was on that most daily for a year, as was Jerry Falwell, Joseph Farrah and not a few Republican congressman. It was of course all true because as Rush explained, witnesses did see a brown car in the area. There you go. And the Republican Base believed it, just as they now believe Obama is a foreign born Muslim. Believing crazy whacked out silly poop is what being a Republican is mostly about whether it be Muslim Obama, Hillary the Murderer, supply side economics , invisible sky creatures who must be blindly obeyed or that all our problems are caused by foreigners of one sort or another,

I think come February 2017 will we seeing another Republican self anualysis in the form of a swan song. Coming to realize that the party of business interests may have kept themselves on top by successfully selling themselves to ignorant Southern rednecks and Northern small town nitwits that they overlooked the unintended consequence of becoming the Hillbilly Party that can no longer compete nationally.