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Hollywood Celebrities fill the red carpet to the Trump Inaugural ball!

Hollywood Celebrities fill the red carpet to the Trump Inaugural ball!

. The A-List of Hollywood celebrities crowd the red carpet in line for the Donald Trump Inaugural ball. What? Wait… Oh… Sorry this is the lead in to the Golden Globe awards.

The A-list of Donald Trump celebrities

Scott Baio
Stephen Baldwin
Benjy Bronk
Phil Robertson
Kimberlin Brown
Gary Busey
James Caan
Dean Cain
Kirk Cameron
Robert Davi
Stacey Dash
Lou Ferrigno
Jenna Jameson
Jerry Lewis
Rich Little
Brandi Love
Dennis Miller
Michael Moriarty
Chuck Norris
Jim Norton
Susan Olsen
Joe Piscopo
Randy Quaid
Kevin Sorbo
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Jon Voight
Fred Williamson

[Who would of guessed, Randy Quaid and a couple promstars!]

The Donald Trump A-list of athletes

Tom Brady
Bill Belichick
Johnny Bench
Hulk Hogan
Dennis Rodman
Mike Tyson
Mike Ditka
George Brett
John Rocker
Curt Schilling
Fran Tarkenton
Bobby Knight
Don King
Hulk Hogan
Jerry Lawler
Jack Nicklaus

[So if you are not sure what NFL team to root in the playoffs, don’t pick the Patriots. PICK THE PACKERS!
Quiz:  I often go to a local Packer Bar nearby here in Houston, a couple hundred people flowing in cheese hats and Packer regalia. After a few beers I try and talk to everyone to see if we have any Wisconsin stories to share.  I found only about 10% have any connection at all to Wisconsin. Most all of the other 90% do have one thing in common though, they are children of? ]

The Donald Trump A-list of music acts

Wayne Newton
Kid Rock
Ted Nugent
Tila Tequila
Pat Boone
Young Dro
Larry Gatlin
Filipp Kirkorov
Loretta Lynn
Naked Cowboy
Wayne Newton
Ted Nugent
Brad Paisley
Red Steagall
P Diddy

[Only P Diddy, Ted Nugent and Kid Rock would have any chance of getting a Trump crowd to their feet, but I don’t think any of them have even one song they could do in front of women or children not dressed in camo.]

answer: army brats

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