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The horrifying Obama Latte Salute, Stephen Colbert

“When you’re not intending to do something you may be intending to do something.” Fox & Friends Elisabeth Hasselback sounding idiotic because she intended to sound idiotic.

W bush dog saluteYou know what the difference is between MSNBC and FOX NEWS? Unlike FOX NEWS the fans of MSNBC are smart enough to understand it is not fair and balanced. Oh and no blond bimbos on MSNBC – well I don’t consider white-silver as blond. The View? Are all blonde women Republicans? And are they really blonde? Proving that should be a FOX NEWS employment requirement. Bill O’Reilly could do the heavy lifting.

I enjoyed how Karl Rove tied this into into Asian communism claiming it was CHI TEA rather than coffee. As you well know, only commies and liberals drink Chi Tea.

Is a latte salute worse than a doggy salute?

For those of you who don’t know your military etiquette, as an officer and a gentleman I can help a little here.

No saluting indoors – other than an initial reporting for duty. No saluting in a combat zone. No civilians need salute. That last one was changed by President Ronald Reagan. Before Reagan presidents did not salute. Even President Eisenhower did not play that game. Oh, and enlisted mean are required to initiate the salute and do it properly or else. Straight wrist, forearm parallel to the ground, fingers and thumbs inline. Officers can return the salute pretty much however they want, after all, they are better than enlisted men.A whole log better.

And from this reasoning I expect all you civilians to call me SIR from now on.

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