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It’s NOT the economy Stupid, it’s hate

It's NOT the economy Stupid, it's hate

It's NOT the economy Stupid, it's hate

We have been reminded again and again this month of just how godawful white people in Alabama are, but don’t kid yourself it permeates to most all of rural America. How did we get there? How did we elect a racist, vindictive, know nothing narcissist as President?  29 years of right-wing talk radio taking over every market in American 24/7 and 23 years of Fox News doing the same on TV. The worst of us found there is big big money in promoting hate and lies and fake news.

It is not your ordinary hate of the guy who porked your wife or turned you in, but a seething foaming hatred of… Liberals. With of course Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama taking the brunt of it.  And what do liberals do to suffer such hatred?

In order:

Working for the right of a woman to choose.
orking for equal justice for African Americans.
Working to keep religion out of the government.
Working for equal justice for Hispanics and immigrants.
Working for equal justice for the LGBT.
Working to tone down our gun culture that has gotten so out of control 1st graders are being shot down in their classrooms..

You want to give up on any of those things to appease them?