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Jason Jones finds the real Redskins, Daily show

Change the fking name! Call people what they wish to be called. Simple as that.

Jason Jones redskins interviewsThis piece is about a recent column from Bloomberg telling Republicans to never go on the Daily Show because they will be edited to not only lose on the issue, but to look like fools as well. The big scene here is Jason Jones tailgating and talking to a few fans who explain their love of the Redskin’s name but refuse to have their faces shown.

That scenario is one my most basic observations of Republicans. While I can publicly and proudly express my politics and my heart clearly and honestly, Republicans have to hide what they really think behind semantic swill, silence and lies.

As to the issue at hand:

“The name of our team represents pride, represents honor and represents respect.” Washington Redskins owner Daniel Synder more wrong than anyone has ever been wrong about anything.

On the name change side:

The most used mascots in America are Indians and animals. Field goal 3 Points.

“Red-skin- Noun. Dated or offensive, An American Indian” says the dictionary. Touch down 6 Points.

Redskin was used as description for proof of bounty for killing them. Field goal 3 Points.

Tens of Millions of Americans hear the offensive slur on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays for 4 months and then on Saturdays and Sundays for an additional month. Field goal 3 points.

On the other side”

90% of Indians do not find the name offensive. Which is a lie. Safety -2 points.

White and Black fans who love the name claim to be part Indian. Safety  -2 points

Score 15 to -4

Change the name to The Washington Foreskins.


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