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Jews control the Hollywood, the banks and the weather

As a once Catholic marrying into a Jewish family I found some stereotypes true and some false.

The biggest false one is Jews are tight with their money. I have found just the opposite, perhaps to put down that stereotype?

Another is they are such good cooks. No, they pick up their food from the Deli and everything else does not go beyond the microwave.

I do find some stereotypes about Jews that in my experience are true though. No going outside other than to or from a car. No sports. And no DIY. No one in the family knows what a Phillips head is or own any tools other than a half size hammer and a plastic container of tacks. In fact my inlaws hire people to change their lightbulbs.

Oh and they are quite liberal in everything other than Israel.

A reminder on Jews having one of the three great religions:

Christian    2,000,000,000
Muslim       1,600,000,000
Secular      1,500,000,000
Traditional  1,000,000,000
Hindu         1,000,000,000
Buddhist        500,000,000
Chinese         400,000,000
Sikhism            28,000,000
Jewish             16,000,000