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John Oliver: Chinamen have taken over West Virginia, Don Blankenship

Doubling down on his “Chinamen” ad, felon, convict, and coal mine owner responsible for the death of 29 miners Don Blankenship said that “Chinamen” is not a race, it’s a country.  Wait wait.  Taiwan or People’s Republic?

But that is not the story. The story is since saying Chinamen have taken over West Virginia he has gone from way behind to several points ahead in tomorrow’s Republican primary.

Sure, ignorance, lack of education, bigotry and racism are the big movers in Republican politics, but it is HATE that is now the driving force. Sanctioned and promoted by Evangelical Christianity. What a hoot that religion of love and peace is. I was going to say “has become” but what’s new?

You know, add it up.  All that hate of homos, blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, Chinamen and liberals means they hate the majority of Americans. Or people on Earth for that matter.

In 2016 only one state election spread for Trump was over 50 points, Wyoming. The followups with over a 40 point spread were Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma and West Virginia.

Of course no one lives in Wyoming so they gave cattle the vote years ago. Hey, anyone want to move to any of those states?  Or even pass through?

The ten worst states in education:

West Virginia

See the drift? With health care, infant mortality, poverty, income, wages and religious intensity all in correlation.

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