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John Oliver Last Week Tonight :Venezuela in Crisis, Poop the Weapon of Choice

John Oliver: Venezuela is in a devastating economic crisis. People are literally starving, a fact that corrupt shoo-in for Presidential reelection, Nicolas Maduro laughs off as he surreptitiously stuffs his face when he believes he is off camera. Venezuelans who haven’t fled the country have taken to throwing poopitov cocktails.

To win hearts and minds, Maduro claims to be visited by the spirit of Venezuela’s beloved, deceased leader, Hugo Chavez – in the form of a bird. Coincidentally, a bird bearing a striking resemblance to Wilmer Valderrama visits Last Week Tonight to enlighten Maduro. Every bird strike is a political statement, and Maduro won’t be able to ignore the big green bird if Valderrama has to resort to option number two to get his point across.

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