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John Oliver: Trump Idol, Philippine Dictator Duterte Tickles Girl Pink

John Oliver: President Rodrigo Duterte,the authoritarian Philippines strongman, is exactly the leader Trump longs to be when he grows up.Not only does Duterte rid himself of detractors by mowing them down in the streets as part of his ‘anti-drug program, this week he initiated a new way to ‘show his appreciation for female Philippine workers. A girl who was clearly revolted – and rightly frightened, was selected to receive a symbolic kiss for all workers. The girl, who held Duterte at bay by covering her mouth for quite some time,  was “tickled pink” when he succeeded, according to Duterte’s posse. The girl, and workers in general might have felt more tickled if he’d just sent them a card, or – and this is extravagant – if he granted them a bathroom break.

Duterte hasn’t gone soft, soldiers were told to shoot female rebels in the vagina, because Duterte claims; “You’re useless without a vagina!” This leaves John Oliver to wonder what this means for those who were otherwise equipped at birth…But we have bigger concerns.  If Trump can ‘grab p*****’ because he’s famous, imagine the program he – now as President, will institute once he sees Duterte’s award system for working women.