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Jon Stewart, beer ads force the NFL to see the light

The real Vikings treated kids better than NFL Minnesota Viking Adrian Peterson.

Fox News Sean Hannity defends NFL with belt
Fox News Sean Hannity defends NFL with belt

How is it possible that beating up an adult is considered assault while beating on a little kid is not? Why is the trending for this crap Southern and African American? Why are almost all those defending beating the crap of kids African American or on Fox News? Perhaps this is the inroad into getting African Americans on board the Republican juggernaut. Beating up children is a good thing.

The answer of course is that God, Jesus and the Bible promote it. Remember as American Jesus said, “Bring unto me the little children and I will put my gun down long enough to beat the crap out of them.”  But there is also the issue of parents doing to kids what their parents did to them, which makes it doubly okay.

But you might say, every STUDY ever done shows that hitting children does both physical and mental harm to them. You see the problem?  STUDIES. That means learning, professors, universities, smartypants and elitists telling the rest of us what to do. It’s like the horror of political correctness. And it crosses political lines as hardly anyone likes smart people. I guess it’s because they make the rest of us feel stupid.

Spare the rod and spoil the child

I just read that Steve Green, owner of Hobby Lobby, is spending $1 billion dollars building his Bible Museum near the Smithsonian in Washington DC. He believes it will save the world. It’s 8 stories high. Entire floors that each one can be dedicated to stoning women, beating children, killing everyone, sending homos to Hell and so on.  That’s not really what we need, rather we need the Museum of Biblical Crap.

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