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Jon Stewart best not disparage Israel or Jews!

Just to get things in perspective, as of this morning, Israel has killed twice as many civilians in the past 4 days than were killed by Russian Separatists shooting down MH17.

Jon Stewart don't disparage IsraelGood spin on one of my pet peeves. ┬áIn America there are three areas in which politicians and the media cannot go. Disparaging Israel, our troops or God. It just is not done and will not be tolerated. And if you do cross that line, Alan Dershowitz will sue you, ABC will fire you, and everyone (who already hasn’t)) waking up each morning to the smell of cowpoop will run to Fox News for succor.

What’s going on in Israel is that their Tea Party runs the show. They are strong like Putin. Obama needs to be more like Netanyahu and Putin.

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