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Jordan Klepper: Michelle Wolf Bests Trump at Insult Diplomacy, Deserves Nobel Prize

Jordan Klepper: Trump takes credit for reuniting North and South Korea, and believes the Nobel Peace Prize is his due, because of his skillful use of  ‘insult diplomacy.’ It’s time to wake up Andrew Dice Trump! Michelle Wolf rocked the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, violating norms and traditions by telling – jokes!   Michelle Wolf is the shoo-in for the honor, and she used actual humor!  Of course, humor could be her downfall depending upon the judges.The party in power only recognizes ugly, not funny. As Jordan observed, in these perilous days, “You don’t speak truth to power. You tell Power how good it looks and just  move on.  Jordan explores the finer points of insult diplomacy and the dips who claim to have mastered it.