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Katy Texas, God is a fact and that is that

Katy Texas, God is a fact and that is thatDown here in Dumbutt, Texas the biggest issue of the time is local Christians trying to overturn an equal access law for transgender people, HERO, to keep men dressed as women from crawling under toilet stalls to watch your mother pee. REALLY, that is the push.

If just that picture of men in dresses crawling around on the sticky floors of ladies restrooms to peek under the stall doors is not enough for you, ask yourself who will be at the door of every restroom in Houston doing genital checks on who can enter? Will it be the police or the preachers who advocate this silly business?

So the question arises, how could anyone be that stupid? Who is responsible for making them so batpoop crazy? What drives such a degree of intolerance and ignorance?

Well here you have it. A teacher, a Christian teacher at that, trying to explain to middle school children the difference between facts, opinion and cultural myths is now having to hide out afraid to show her face in public.

We all teach our children that Santa Claus is a fact until they are capable of understanding fact from fiction, usually around six or seven they are able to understand the jokes on them. But down here what children believe extends to them picking up their social security checks.

What would the teacher have taught had her students open carry. What will a college professor in Austin soon be not teaching for the angry armed NRA members in the classrooms and knocking on their office doors?  Town meetings with the craziest people in the neighborhood arriving with rifles and handguns on their hips?  Who will speak up to question anything conservative? It’s what the 40 round clips are for.

Katy student contends school activity called faith into question