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Krista Gearhart shot in the thigh at a Bloomberg, PA gun show

not enough guns
not enough guns

25-year-old Krista Gearhart who was shot in the thigh at a Bloomberg, PA gun show told reporters it’s very ironic to be shot at a gun show. But she says if there’s another gun show in Bloomberg next year, she and her husband will be there. After all, we can assume she has another available thigh.

The Columbia County district attorney’s office is determining whether the vendor, Geoffrey Hawk, will face criminal charges. He was showing a gun and holster to Krista Gearhart on Saturday at the Eagle Arms Gun Show when the weapon fired a bullet into her leg. Hawk told police he thought the gun was not loaded. Vendor accidently shoots woman in leg at Pennsylvania gun show.

The silliest book ever written on this, or on any subject for that matter, is Ted Nugent’s GUNS, GOD and ROCK AND ROLL. In the premise he suggests Sarah Brady be euthanized for stating that having a gun in the home increases chance of death with a gun by a factor of 5. Pretty much a nobrainer one would think.
So to make his point in the book Ted Nugent sites 3 instances in his own gun owning life in which an unloaded gun goes off in his home and ALMOST kills someone. The greatest of all examples of a brain on guns.

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