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Laura Dern fired from Food Network for being a normal Southern White Racist

laura dernI will always remember Laura Dern from the 1991 move RAMBLIN ROSE, a movie of a depression era Southern White Hot Girl. It was that  first minute of the film with her walk from the train station to her new home that I found the sexiest walk of all time.

It was sad to read about this Georgia Peach admitting to racism, especially when what she did and said is no different than normal down here in The South.

In fact she is now a hero to not only the people of Atlanta where they stood in line for hours to get a seat at her new restaurant talking about boycotting the Food Network, but throughout Georgia and the Southern States.  They can’t figure out what it is she did wrong. Just a woman guilty of being from the South?  Hell, even Bill Maher came to her defense!

Paula Deen?


Emily Letilla

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