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Mike Pence in Christianity Today!

Mike Pence in Christianity Today!

Christianity today!  Word coming from the GOP never-Trumpers is that if Mike Pence replaced The Donald he would beat Hillary Clinton in double digits. Hold on there. Let’s run that by the Millennials 70% of whom say religion is not important to them and now 23% of Americans saying they are NONES which is doubling every 10 years.

How many interviews of Trump supporters at the rallies have we seen over the past year and a half?  What do we see day in and day out? The angry racists screaming about Muslims, Mexicans, Obama and Black Lives Matter or the really pound your head on the desk stupid evangelicals going on about such crazyass crap  you wonder what planet they are from. Which do you like best? Together they make up 40% of Americans, not Republicans, 40% of Americans. And they all have guns and lots of them.

Once we get past November 8th the GOP nominees for 2020 will begin campaigning, top contenders will be Mike Pence and Ted Cruz, with Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee close behind. Boy is the GOP in trouble trying to bring millionaires, racists or religious whackos together in a big happy family. Good Luck with that.

So other than God, President Mike Pence loved Scalia next. Pence is also a rabid pro lifer, no abortion for any reason. Hey girl, bit the bullet and marry your incestuous father or rapist. Mike Pence has already passed laws to deny equal access, equal rights and equal marriage to gays and put genital checkers in public bathrooms. Good job for him.  Make sure we all understand that when these characters who become consumed with becomes the whole person, but their country and their family secondary to supposed deities in the firmament.

The only thing Mike Pence has going for him is that unlike Ted Cruz one can look at him without gagging. Well if you like albino catholic monks/

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