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MSNBC’s Morning Hillary’s email show going to 4 hours!

Mika and Joe Scarborough to to four hours

MSNBC is doing a big shake up, the union guy is long gone, it’s over for the black guy, the Hispanic guy has been taken down from two hours to one hour and Mornin’ Joe has been extended to four hours of constant Hillary’s Email each morning.

As one of those people who just can’t stand celebrities cooking crap or singing chick songs out in the street, Morning Joe is all I have each morning while I do this. I have been watching most everyday for many years. The loud obnoxious conservative control freak Joe Scarborough, the politically correct policewoman Mika Brzezinski and a gaggle of regulars whose politics are either hard to pin down or fairly evenly spread. A good mix, in fact it’s about the only YING and YANG political show around anymore. The other morning shows are directed toward women, which is fine, but I am not a woman, well so far anyway.

The show does repeat most of the first hour each morning and I now expect it to repeat more now with it’s extension to four hours.  But one thing I do know is that both Joe and Mika hate Hillary Clinton very VERY much. In fact most of the three hour show they bring up Hillary Clinton’s email – or what a God awful horrible person she is – in a long piece each hour with many short references within each hour. She will soon be dropping out unless she finds a way to campaign from prison. Everyone hates her. EVERYONE! She has no chance. It’s over for Hillary!

Joe and Mika have as their best “good friends” Chris Christie and Donald Trump [who like Fox News calls in at least once a week for friendly banter.’ In fact this Hillary business and helping Donald Trump along is as bad or worse than what Fox News puts out. But it’s either that or Cindy Idontkowwhothehell making crab cakes or Alina Whothefck singing in the street.