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New Rules Bill Maher, Bachmann, Scalia and the Devil Oct 11 2013

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New Rules with Bill MaherWhat is the difference between Michelle Bachmann and Antonin Scalia? One is thought to be an airhead and the other some kind of legal intellectual. Come on. The Devil lives next door?  Non believers do the Devil’s work?  Explanations for the silly supernatural poo is what is so crazy. Why can’t they just keep their mouths shut?

But the difference between the two is enormous. The airhead in Minnesota changes nothing. The airhead on the Supreme court changes everything. The Devil may indeed be in the Bible, but the Devil is not in the US Constitution. And Roberts, Alito, Kennedy and Thomas also have their first allegiance to supernatural Catholic doctrine rather than the US Constitution.

We are a first world nation with a third world brain.

I heard a new explanation on the GOP rift the other day.  The Country Club versus the Sunday School. They need a trial separation, perhaps a divorce, the greedy wing and the Jesus wing seem to be having ever greater irreconcilable differences. But what to do with their Tea Party Ugly children?  I remember Newt GIngrich saying we need to bring back orphanages.