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New Rules with Bill Maher, Horse meat & other bad food, March 1 2013

[jwplayer file=”https://rackjite.com/videos/mp4s/maherrules312013.mp4″ image=”https://rackjite.com/videos/mp4s/maherrules.jpg”]

New Rules with Bill MaherIndeed, horse meat is the least of our worries. Especially when it's like 2% of the burger or whatever.  And what about all this ranker about GMO. When I was 17 I had a GMO with dual carbs, 3 speed stick and it was fast as Hell.  So what's the problem? Emily Letella.

Speaking of diets… I began a new diet a month ago sans horse meat.  I call it the Diet Pepsi Diet.  I am a Pepsi Person, drinking about three 12 ounce cans a day. That is is about 500 calories. I am adverse to diet soda, the taste of it sends my mouth to Hell, I even get spinal shakes, and vocalizations it is so bad. But I read a few months ago that Diet Pepsi changed their formula, so I gave it a try. Not as horrible as before and in a few days I had adjusted. So now, not only have I reduced 500 calories a day, but every time I got hungry appease it with No Calorie Pepsi. That and reducing means from 3 to 2, reducing portions, and writing the calories down has been a success. Lost 15 pounds the first month.  When the food police tell me drinking that much chemical laden diet soda is not good for me, I tell them to BITE ME. Gosh… If I paid attention to them, all I could eat would be carrots with water.