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North Carolina bigot Governor Pat McCrory says LBGT more powerful than the NRA

North Carolina bigot Governor Pat McCory says LBGT more powerful than the NRAThe most disgusting game of moral equivalency I have come across recently is from North Carolina governor Pat McCrory who likened the LBGT community to the NRA the other day by saying the LBGT lobby is more powerful than the NRA. The NRA lobby sells fear, anger, violence and death while the LBGT lobby sells equality, fairness and just being nice to one other. Which reflects the larger divide of our political parties.

If we assume these bathroom laws being passed throughout the South come from those who vote for them “thinking it out” – which is a jump – then the results are that they want transgender men – who are for all intent and appearances women – to hurt and embarrass them by requiring them to hang out in Men’s bathrooms or to not stray further from their homes than they can go without a pee. Which is what such people see as LIBERTY and FREEDOM.

But that is the way of evangelical Christianity, for if they did “think things out” – they wouldn’t exist.

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