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North Carolina’s fog of ignorance

North Carolina's fog of ignoranceThe only good thing about all this is at least we get to know who the intolerant bigots are and are not in corporate and political circles, and of course we get to see who they are in the crowds at Trump rallies, but what about the mom and pop businesses?  Perhaps and addendum to all these religious bigotry laws should be that businesses who want to refuse services to gay men and women should be required to have a sign in their window, readable from across a street, that says NO FAGS ALLOWED. JESUS SAYS.

Hey why all this hatred directed at transgender men these days who they won’t even let take a pee? After all, they are really just like anyone else. Case in point.

A transgender man and his friend were beaten, shot and murdered in Midtown Houston Monday night. The couple was attacked by a gang of six with tire irons and then shot dead. Family members of the victims say it was not a hate crime but rather a jealous feud between two transgender men over another man. Yes it seems, all involved were black, so add that to the mess.

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