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Octavia Rogers dismembers her three children, God said…

Octavia Rogers dismembers her three children, God said...

God told Octavia Rogers to dismember her three children, much like the very basis of Judeo-Christian religion when God told Abraham to slit the throat of his child, the exception being God got distracted this time and failed to show up at the last minute to say it was a joke.

Okay, God was not playing a joke with Abraham, it was his most important lesson to us all,  that no matter when a disembodied voice tells us what to do something we had better damn well do it. This was not long after He got angry about some sexual goings on in a couple cities and committed genocide on the entire human race. He beat Hilter on this one, Hitler left 20 million Jews, God left 7.

Hard to say which is worse, God telling Octivia to dismember all three of her boys or God telling Andrea Yates to drown all five of her boys. But the big lesson in Judeo-Christian religion is to obey God, you know, absolute blind obedience.  One thing can be said for both women, they were God Fearing.

Late Wednesday night the suspect’s brother came home from work to find his sister in the garage. She talked about God and said she’d found the answer to life — something she’d only recently started talking about.

Octavia Rogers is in critical condition in a Phoenix hospital with self inflicted stab wounds