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Office of Personal and Management server hacked for 6 million fingerprints

office of personal and management server hacked, 6 million fingerprints

Add to the 5.6 million fingerprint hacked from this government server another 21 million social security numbers, making Hillary Clinton using a private server the smartest one in the room.

How many other government servers have been hacked?  The Army and the State Department servers where hacked earlier this year.  So just since the Hillary Clinton email scandal broke in which we found her private server was not hacked, two government servers where hacked with information let loose on at least 30 million Americans. Just this year, and that’s not counting all smaller federal and state agencies or the corporate servers like Sony. Maybe we should all get private servers in our bathroom closet.

So what kind of medal or honorarium can so many security minded Republicans give to Hillary Clinton for being smart enough to keep her State Department business on her own server that has not been hacked?