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Olbermanns New WTF Moment : Miss California, Trumps Answer Her Boobs are Blowin in the Wind As More Pics Appear video

During Countdown’s WTF Moment, Keith Olbermann posits that the reason Miss Carrie Prejean almost lost her crown was not because of her opinion on gay marriage but rather her own actions, and touches on her comments about free speech as well. This is a very well-rounded and factual piece. I believe even those who feel she has been dealt with harshly will find it to be truthful and fair.

Thank goodness Keith Olbermann visits this issue with the voice of well thought out sanity. I am incapable at this moment, when even the pageant people would be much happier if she would perform the job she was crowned to do, or drop out. Thanks to The Donald, she’ll be keeping the crown.

The (new) photos, the infamous photos! We’ll never know what his decision would have been had he made it just a day before, when the only photos were her so-called innocent 17-year old lingerie pics. Today, before her interview with Trump, the other photos were unearthed!
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Prejean has an answer for everything. The wind was really blowing that day, which explains why her see through lingerie is open exposing her breasts. Even people with an IQ the size of their pinkie have commented that the clothes are blowing, but her long hair is hanging straight, something even a truck load of Aqua-Net could not achieve. We’re going to start thinking you’re a hypocrite and a liar Prejean, though if you play your cards right, you could become a very rich one – if you don’t mind awful hairpieces on billionaires, and I doubt that you do. Watch for pre-nups.

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