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Onion Week in Review, Dennis Rodman normalizes N. Korea, March 4 2014

Onion week in reviewDennis Rodman is the most normal thing to ever happen in North Korea considering. I say next step is to send Jenna Jameson.

To the controversial statement by Rodman “It’s amazing how we do the same thing here” to the accusation that Hugo Chavez puts thousands in prison. We have 2 million in prison – mostly black and brown minorities – far more in numbers as well as per capita numbers.

Killing people? Since Chavez took office he is responsible for no killings while we are responsible for at least half a million.  How much collateral damage has Chavez caused with drones?  NONE.  Killings at home? Venezuela has had no death penalty since 1888. In fact no country in South America has the death penalty. The violent crime rate has doubled under socialist Chavez. It has also doubled in neighboring Center Right Columbia. A wash.

So what is it that Hugo Chavez has actually done that is so intrinsically evil? He has expanded civil rights and human rights and did his best to give the poor a fair shake. He tossed out big American oil companies to take the profits for his country rather than our country. He lead all of South America to throw off the yoke of American imperialism in just one decade. But worst of all he made friends with a few nations who George W. Bush claimed were “evil” and then called George W. Bush the devil! OMG! Which is why THE MEDIA – including every political cartoon I have come across – has Hugo in Hell.

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