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Open the damn border, Rack Jite

  • In 1986 President Ronald Reagan opened up the b order to about 3 million Mexicans by giving them Green Cards. And what happened?  Everything was wonderful under Reagan, we became a shinning city on a hill.The best president we ever had. Well until now anyway.

So, lets set up entrance points all along the border where we vet those coming through with special work and travel visas. So they can go back and forth, you know, BACK for you Trumpers. What would happen? All the jobs Americans flat out refuse to do, landscape, maids, roofing, digging, slaughter and picking lettuce would make our food cheaper and displace who exactly?  And I bet even with the hard veting and paperwork and such it would cost a lot less than the border patrol, ICE, court concentration camps and a silly wall.

The only drag the undocumented have on the economy is state cost of education. So the Federal government reimburses the states for that.  Everything is better.  They can’t vote so that is bogus, they have a far less crime rate than native Americans, they work much harder for less money and have far better family values and dependence upon religion that is not just a vehicle for right-wing politics. They make us a better, kinder, gentler nation.