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O’Reilly Blasts Colbert on The View: Jealous Papa Bear Hurts!

Bill O’Reilly is uniquely qualified to accuse Stephen Colbert of being a ‘mouthpiece for the far left’ – as he did most recently on ‘The View’  because his FOX show is the very epitome of ‘fair and balanced reportage.

Jealous, Hurt Papa Bear O'Reilly Blasts Colbert: The View

Bill O’Reilly is uniquely qualified to accuse Stephen Colbert of being a ‘mouthpiece for the far left’ – as he did most recently on ‘The View’ because his FOX show is the very epitome of ‘fair and balanced reportage.

In fact, O’Reilly has barely stopped bleating about Colbert since the announcement that the latter is to replace David Letterman on the long-running CBS spot was made. It appears as if Papa Bear cares a bit too much! Really…Stating that Colbert is “A deceiver who is ruining America” seems a bit over the top even for the FOX – hole.

Could it be that O’Reilly is feeling snubbed? Why did CBS overlook him in their quest to replace the late night funnyman? I can’t imagine, can you?  The attacks on Colbert are rather telling. C’mon Bill, “A deceiver who is damaging America?” Gosh, Stephen has always spoken well of you! He has always looked up to you, and has said so numerous times! Ah, but you’ll get over it – a little.  I’ll bet you’ll recover enough to grudgingly appear on Stephen’s new show as you push your latest in a series of ghost written  ‘Killing’ books ( written with Martin Dugard). The list includes the ill-fated Lincoln, Kennedy & Jesus – so far.

Colbert, who has rarely been out of character in his Comedy Central show, stated unequivocally that he will not do the new show in character.  He has an opportunity to be the ‘real’ Stephen Colbert, interviewing guests (not particularly of a political nature) and utilizing his background in theater and music, as he steps into David Letterman’s shoes.
No sane person would think that Colbert would risk his professional credentials in order to grind away on a political grudge, which is amplified greatly  by O’Reilly…I doubt even O’Reilly believes  in his heart of hearts that Colbert lies awake plotting revenge on Papa Brear. O’Reilly  does love a good pity party though, and has been known to spend a week re-living imagined slights with a panel of paid sympathizers.

O’Reilly’s out-sized ego hides extreme sensitivity and inadequacy. Young upstart Stephen Colbert has simply eclipsed him, with a mantel full of Emmy and Peabody awards and a large, lively fan base.   As usual, O’Reilly protests too much, someone is b**t hurt, to sum it up succinctly.


Further anualysis of ‘The View’ episode follows:Bill O’Reilly has been very down on CBS replacing David Letterman with Stephen Colbert, and on The View Wednesday, O’Reilly went after Colbert for being, as he put it, “a mouthpiece for the far left.” O’Reilly made the comment in response to Walters asking him about calling Colbert a “deceiver” who’s doing damage to the country. He praised Jon Stewart as someone who mocks both sides, but said Colbert is “very committed to being a leftist.”

He said Colbert throws a big wrench in the traditional late night model of not talking about politics too much, suggesting Colbert will have to “come out of his little persona where he snipes and makes these little snarky remarks and he’s gotta be funnier and broader.” Which won’t be easy, O’Reilly argued, because “he’s already alienated 40 percent of the country.”
Jenny McCarthy asked if conservatives would be willing to give Colbert a chance. Whoopi Goldberg pointed at O’Reilly and said “clearly not.”   Barbara Walters innocently asked “Can’t you watch someone because he’s funny?
At that point Bill sniped “He has to be FUNNIER than the other two!”


There you have it! O’Reilly knows what the job requires  and he’s ready to deliver, if given half a chance! That’s MY opinion and I’m sticking to it.  Then again – you don’t think maybe, just maybe – he’s still sore that Stephen stole the microwave from Bill’s green room, do you?