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Out of work North Carolina Bathroom Junk Checker, Stephen Colbert

Out of work North Carolina Bathroom Junk Checker, Stephen ColbertReports on religious intolerance sure have taken a backseat to ethnic and racial intolerance over the past year or so, well other than those damn Muslims anyway. Who it would seem believe and obey God more than anyone I know. Muslims are the best God People around.

But where better to begin a new dialogue on religious terrorism than with a junk checker in a public restroom.

Terrorism has been around for a very long time but something about it changed drastically some 20 years ago, making terrorism the debilitating worldwide horror it has become today. With not only an estimated cost in the tens of trillions of dollars, but loss of liberty and freedom for everyone on the receiving end, which more or less is everyone.

Do you know what that change was?

The RELIGIOUS belief in sure fired immortality to happily blow oneself literally to Kingdom Come up help further their RELIGIOUS belief in sure fired immortality. The main deterrent, “getting caught” is gone with the wind, making it near impossible to effectively deal with. ¬†On the bright side, thank the Lord for Christians who are not nearly as sure fired about their immortality or we would have a suicide war on our hands.

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