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Paving Over the Retarded

Down here in Dumbass, we are presently in the Family Values process of tossing hundreds of retarded adults from a non profit facility. To build condos in which the people presently living on the property can not afford. Is this news? Yes! This very same thing happens to African Americans about twice a day. That is not news, it’s a way of life.
I take interest in this one because our liberal Democrat Mayor Bill White is the prime mover to pave over the retarded for a buck. The facility, with most of a 99 year lease in front of them, has added buildings and upgrades over the years. It is prime residential property and will be developed as such. (You see, I already know how it will end.) The City of Houston declared the lease invalid for games of legalese. There is a small uproar decrying capitalism gone wrong, but not from anyone who have dollar signs in their eyes.

We want to throw retarded people out on the street so the city can make a buck so our taxes go down. Political Savvies use words like ‘third rail” or “fourth estate” to refer to important underlying political dynamics. How about the “first dynamic”?
I suppose the First Dynamic first came to humanity in cave #324. In the thirties it was intellectually defined by Ayn Rand with her central mantra that the more selfish we strive to become, the better the system we live under. Then came the “Government is not the solution, Government is the problem” crap. Next we suffered the Gingrich Revolution to pave and privatize the entire world. Most recently we have had all three branches of government deep inside the First Dynamic.
The Smithsonian is in deep trouble. In 2001 it was handed over to a banker who changed its culture from one of science and service to political science and profit. Its reputation suffered as did its funding base. The spirit of “Brownie” of Katrina ran the Smithsonian, into the ground.
Credit card debt is the Hidden Law (something that profoundly affects our lives which we neither talk about nor do anything about.) One week late or a dollar over limit causes not only the interest rate to rise from 9% to 29%/35%, but SO DO THE REST OF THE CARDS! The credit rating goes down 100 points so now a floating mortgage is needed to buy a house. We now see the floats rising above homeowners ability to pay. The bankers have not only taken all our money, but are doing their level best to take our homes away from as well. These Bankers have had no rules at all for 6 years of the Bush Administration. This is what "republican" means.
Even the math of the First Dynamic is untenable. Since President Reagan’s time, political campaigns have worked primarily as an advertising campaign to sell “reducing your taxes.” We have been reducing your taxes now every year, at every level for over 25 years. Isn’t there some other law that states things cannot go on forever?
The First Dynamic – My financial wants supersede the well being of society, unless it’s Bankers sticking it up my ass, then it’s okay. Wow…