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Pope Francis Celebrates Bigotry meeting with Kim Davis

Pope meet with homophobic bigot kim davisLiberty Counsel [read Jerry Falwell Liberty University] lawyer Mat Staver who represents Kim Davis says Pope Francis initiated a private meeting with America’s premier homophobe and bigot Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis where he told her he would pray for her, gave her rosaries and told her to “stay strong!”  The meeting was set up by the Vatican at the New York Vatican Embassy where while in New York Kim Davis spoke and received the big Bigot of the Year award from the Family Research Center at the Values Summit.

We must first remember that just a few days ago Mat Staver was pushing the really big lie that 100,000 Peruvians got together in a stadium and prayed for Kim Davis. Mat Staver the voice and legal counsel for Kim Davis reminds me two other disgusting political celebrities of the past. Roy Cohn the voice and legal counsel behind Joe McCarthy and McCarthyism.

It must be said that in this case  Reuters, NBC, ABC, CBS and not a few reliable sources have come out with this story which they have presented as true. Staver also says photos will be forthcoming in a few days.

Pope Francis joining the Republican bigotry directed at gays is no difference than how all religion deals with it, intolerance and bigotry are what drives these tribal religions. Though it is somewhat onerous in that gay marriage, or gayness for that matter, takes no skin from anyone else’s’ nose. So it matters not one wit in the great scheme of things. Well other than the enjoyment of bigotry just for the sake of bigotry. So I will give the Pope a little slack on this one.

Far far more importantly was Pope Francis public meeting and celebration of the Little Sisters of the Poor who are suing the government over the Affordable Care Act for allowing insurance to pay for contraception to those who can least afford it. This is perhaps the most important skin on the nose issue of our time, Pope Francis in a celebration of over population with the use of ever more fossil fuels to further destroy the planet. Why is birth control even an issue? It’s nuts!

The intellectual disconnect of Pope Francis’ stand on Global Warming while failing to understand that the cause of it is too many people using up the resources is profound. Jesus kills more brain cells than crystal meth… Oh, and football.