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Pray for Donald Trump, Templeton Study on intercessory prayer

Pray for Donald Trump, Templeton Study on intercessory prayer

Ten years ago with a $2.4 million grant from Templeton Foundation, Harvard Professor Herbert Benson released the results of an 8 year study to find if intercessory prayer works to heal the prayer recipients, the study showed it did, but sadly that it did more harm than good.

Professor Benson divided 1800 cardiac patients into three groups, Groups 1 and 2 were told they might or might not receive prayers on their behalf—Group 1 did, Group 2 didn’t. Group 3 was told they would receive prayers and did.   He found three intercessory prayer groups to do the praying. Those who did not get any prayers did the best at revovery, those who didn’t know but did get prayers came in second and those who got prayers and did know they were being prayed for had the worst scores of all. So there you have it. Pray for Donald Trump

I mention this only because I was recently told that “every study shows,” and there is “no longer any argument at all” that intercessory prayer works and improves people’s health.

So who are you going to believe?  A Harvard Professor working for an intellectual foundation or Victoria Jackson and WorldNetDaily?

As this political cycle has made us all very much aware that the majority of the Republican Party’s answer to that question is a no brainer. Literally.

Epiphany! We should all carry flyswatters and when these nitwits start spouting their stupid crap and come within range, swat em on the head until they shut up or go away.

Flyswatters not guns!

Oh, a cell of people praying for a physically present unwell individual does have a small percentage of it working. Though this is not prayer per se, but how participating in meditation can relax ones metabolism which does help the brain help the body. But even that is as rare as a Mexican Trump fan.

“I LOVE THE UNEDUCATED!” And there you pretty much have his success wrapped up in a cheese fry burrito.

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