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President Donald Trump is an Idiot, Global Warming Hoax

President Donald Trump is an Idiot, Global Warming Hoax

President Donald Trump is an Idiot, Global Warming Hoax

You gotta give it to the Chinese. They’re really following through on this whole climate change hoax.

Is there a conspiracy the President of the United States does not like?

I have read a few articles here in Houston that NOW in the wake of the flood is no time to bring up climate change. Well bullshit. This is exactly the right time, and even more so next week when we suffer through the biggest hurricane in Atlantic history.

I guess it is the same reasoning that when a cop kills an unarmed blackman the same nitwits say that is not the time to talk about it. Or ever for that matter.

I just watched a 2014 movie called INTERSTELLAR. There is a scene in which we find out in the near future the public school system is teaching that the Apollo missions never happened and were staged on a movie set, and if a kid said otherwise they were suspended.

That was before the writers suspected Trump would be running for President. I assume the assumption was instead of Trump the Morons of America elected Alex Jones as President. Which the morons will keep doing because that is what morons do. It is hate, anger, bigotry and bile that creates morons.

Since Trump became a candidate, almost two years now, we learned that facts people don’t like are Fake News, that if we believe something to be true then it is not a lie and of course the truth in alternative facts.

Did this come from Trump? Is it Donald Trump who is responsible for the destruction of rationality, reason and reality? It seems that the nations that end up with horrifying assholes in charge all have what in common?. Duterte in the Philippines, the resurgence in Russia, Turkey and so many places in Africa and the Middle East.

Eons of humanity paying trillions of dollars and endless war, killing and misery to hear that they will never die.