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President Obama get’s all UPPITY in the SOTU address

President Obama is in trouble because when he said “I have no more campaigns to run” the Republicans applauded and he responded by saying “I know, because I won twice.”  And that is not even counting “the wink” when he said “that’s good news” to the GOP side of the shindig. Oh the horror. Pissed off lots of white people, let me tell you.

the viewBoth the media and the politicians used the politically correct word “cocky” to describe his State of the Union address. The real word of course was “uppity”. Because hey, who likes an uppity Negro?  It is why we all get along so well down here in Texas, they don’t go all uppity on us. They know their place.

But that is not what caught my attention in this video, rather it was the ever changing personal at “The View”. My God, look at that. They now have a garden gnome on the panel.  Oops!  Bubba just informed that it is not a Garden Gnome but a Lawn Jockey.

Political Correctness is such a confusing matter. If I say religious people are nitwits does that even it out? It has been my contention since the dawn of “Reagan Democrats” that it is political correctness that is most responsible for working class Americans moving from the DNC to the RNC. Oh, and conservative correctness does not count, after all, it’s too confusing. Makes the brain ache.