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President Trump takes a dump on BLACK Gold Star widow, Rack Jite op ed

President Trump takes a dump on BLACK Goldstar widow

President Trump takes a dump on BLACK Goldstar widow

Our ugly SOB of a President just this morning tweeted that the Gold Star widow is a liar. What have we heard from the other three white Gold Star families? Nothing. Who was the last Gold Star Family Trump took a dump on? Muslims. Donald Trump is a full blown racist. Which takes us to the next issue…

I have been hearing quite a few in The Media this morning fight off anger and tears over this so called human President of ours attacking this widow. Not a few have asked,

“So what now Trump voters? Is this the kind of character you want representing you? Is this the kind of person you want as a role model for your children?”

As if The Media is answering their own obvious question.

For Christsake Media, this will put him up a couple points with his base – which second to himself is all he cares about –  and is exactly what they voted for. Someone to constantly take an ugly smelly dump on African Americans, Mexicans, Muslims and anyone smarter than a Palin. It is who they are, white ignorant envious losers. Yall want to reach out to that? Better first put on waders and gas mask.

Briefly: Someone in The Media brought up that 12 days had passed and Trump had no cognizance of four soldiers killed in Niger. So to foil the fake media he called the families adding that he is a much better President than “Obama and other presidents” who did not make such calls. That of course was like most everything he has to say, a lie.

Then the black soldier’s widow and Congresswoman in the car witnessing the call said it was rude and heartbreaking, that he didn’t know the soldier’s name and said that he knew what he was getting into when he enlisted. Instead of moving on as any certified human being would do, our piece of shit President started a war with a fallen soldier’s widow. He then called on General Kelly to defend him, who also singled out the black congresswoman and lied about her. Trump has kept this War on Widows going now for over a week, feeding on it, upping it daily, all to the the joy of his base.

Some talk of impeachment or the 25th Amendment, either choice is too kind a road for this piece of human debris. Send the Federal Marshall SWAT team into the White House at about 6am, pull him off this tweet toilet, handcuff him and drag him out the front door his gold pajamas into a van to the airport. Fly him to Cuba, put him in a solitary cell at Gitmo and like so many others there, have him wait 10 years for charges to be filed. And do it tonight.