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Professional Clowns Are Pissed At ‘It’ Author Stephen King

Professional Clowns Are Pissed At Stephen King

Professional Clowns Are Pissed At Stephen King

No kidding: The World Clown Association is mad at novelist Stephen King.The clown rage is prompted by trailers for King’s new version of “It.” The movie features a startling new version of Pennywise the unforgettably evil Clown. A representative of the professional clowns claims that the original “It” damaged clown’s reputations. Furthermore, clowns claim the fear of clowns that comes with the resurgence of Pennywise is causing benevolent clowns to lose work.

On a personal note, I ask you, have kids ever been particularly fond of clowns?  In a world where kids are deluged with entertainment, there may be other reasons for the declining popularity of clown-style fun.

As an adult, I confess to being a fan of the original “It,” the 1986 novel, and the 1990 miniseries with a frightfully good Tim Curry as Pennywise. A new generation can shiver their way through a soon-to-be released movie. This clown is too terrifying for moi.

. Back to the clowns on Stephen King’s back. The complaints finally received an answer from the author:

The clowns are pissed at me. Sorry, most are great. BUT…kids have always been scared of clowns. Don’t kill the messengers for the message.