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Race, God and Country

gene poolI was talking to a fellow in a local bar here the other day. As we parted he handed me his card. It read Ku Klux Klan – Race, God and Country. Allow me to add one more to that, Family and Friends.
The order we put these in define us to others as we define ourselves. The order of the three behind the first does not matter, but what we do put first is what we are. Those who put Race first define themselves as racists. Those who put God first define themselves as putting faith above reason. Those who put Country first define themselves as tribal and militaristic. And those who put Family and Friends first define themselves as well adjusted human beings.
It is all fine and well for each of us to decide which we want to list first, but there oughta be a law that anyone who puts Race, Country or God above our love for our family and friends should not be allowed to hold public office, work in any government capacity or be allowed into the gene pool.