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Rand Paul and Cable News filibuster, Colbert Report

rand paul senate clownRand Paul has now been redeemed as a regular guy, a moderate Senator and presidential material for 2016. All because he filibustered against the appointment of the next CIA director John Brennan. Not sure if he mentioned John Brennan in his 13 hours filibuster though. But he sure managed to get his constituency of paranoid conspiracy gun enthusiasts salivating about dropping a Hellfire missile on Jane Fonda.

You know, for about 20 years I fought the good fight regarding privacy on the net. But some years ago, I suppose it was with the advent of Facebook, I realized technology cannot be undone and it was a fools errand fighting the inevitable. They got your number! Databases, cameras and now drones are not going away.

What's wrong with shooting a bad buy with a good guy drone? What's the difference between using a drone or a sniper? Or a helicopter, an F16, a Cruise missile, a Seal Team, an exploding cigar?  I say from now on all violence should be conducted publicly with swords, or axes. BUT NO THROWING THINGS. [Which I suppose is  what that greatest of Bible stories is all about. A small man with a projectile weapon kills a big man coming at him with a club. What an idea! Why a rock instead of an arrow? After all, bows were being used about 15,000 BC.  I just heard that this is the story where the Bible moves from pure made up stuff where everyone lived a thousand year or so, to some historic reality. Cool. Does it say how big Goliath was?  I looked it up. 6'9″ which is tall for the time, but well within reality.  Hear. Here.  ]

Ah… I see! There is a human being doing the killing not a robot. But a human being is flying that drone, aiming it and pulling the trigger. Just a lot further away than a sniper. Closer than a cruise missile though I suspect.

Anyway, this DRONE business as a bunch of crap.  It's not the drones, it's anything that allows the government to kill people. Including execution chambers, Seal Team Six, cruise missiles and snipers.  Does Exxon Mobile have drones yet?  How long before Wayne LaPierre is selling drones out of his trunk or down at the Drone Show? What happens when Iran gets drones?  In fact, wouldn't Kim Jong Un be better off giving up the nukes and instead quietly create and army of drones? Are there international drone laws?

And please MEDIA, instead of singing the praises of Rand Paul as Jimmy Stewart remind us that Rand Paul is out to destroy Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment insurance, food stamps and the entire social safety net.  Not to mention the elimination of income taxes, property taxes, public education, all unions, environmental regulations, all gun controls, civil rights legislation and get the government out of everything other than forcing women to have children they do not want.

Rand Paul is a clown from Hell.  And there are four of them now in the Senate. The Thunderdome boys: Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and Tim Scott. The darlings of the Doomsday Preppers, the militias, the racist groups, the hate groups, meth addicts and every paranoid conspiracy gun enthusiast nitwit in America.  Electing these clowns in statewide elections sure gives us an understanding of which states are bastions of Right-wing extremism: Texas, Utah, South Carolina and Kentucky – Mississippi is on vacation . Senator Ashley Judd? You gotta be kidding me. Tailgunner Joe McCarthy back to life could beat her be 20 points in Kentucky.