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Religious extremists behead 21 Egyptians on Libyan beach

Religious extremists behead 21 on  beach

Religionists beheaded 21 Egyptians on a beach in Libya in the name of God the other day, a fun time though from the video we see no jello shots, no T’shirt cannons, no snorkeling and contestants donned Gitmo orange jumpsuits rather than wet t-shirts at this early Spring Break event. Or was this a Mardi Gras thing? You know, maybe they are just putting a show about giving up beheading for Lent.

The religious believers doing the beheading here are Muslims and those being beheaded were Christians, though the Coptic kind, which I am not sure would be counted as real Christians here in America where even being Catholic is questionable. On your knees! God is great.

I would like to think that believers would keep all their murder and mayhem among themselves in the believer family, but it so happens that our friends and allies in Saudi Arabia behead more non believers than ISIS does believers each year, and that’s the law. Not sure if the Saudis do their beheadings on the beach though, but I bet it’s a somewhere sandy. Oh and 80% of Egyptians believe the faithless should be put to death. I wonder if these Egyptians in the orange suits were part of that 80%?

So these religious people calling themselves ISIS are now spreading out over the entire religious world and growing. The area we now have to police is getting ever larger and larger. I guess we are going to need to reinstate the draft here soon. Walking away from the insanity is out of the question of course.

With every beheading video thousands of religious people get  so enthralled with it that they hear God calling them to join up and do his work. Though I am no expert on the Koran, I do know that what ISIS does is more moderate and kindly than what GOD in the Old Testament tells his believers to do.

“Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.” God his own self, Numbers 31:17-18

So what’s the problem? They are just doing God’s work. And not killing EVERYONE. Or is God telling this side to kill everyone and rape the virgins over there behind that tree over there on the other side? Kinda like our snipers are heroes and their snipers are cowards thing. And hey, with God on your side you can indeed have it both ways and can get away with anything. Which is why God is so popular with so many.