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Republicans on Texas Abortion, Nick Anderson cartoon

gop abortion

Other than execution and incarceration there is no bigger government intrusion into individual liberty and freedom than denying women a choice to have an abortion.

The War on Women goes unchecked here in Texas.  A FEDERAL judge put a hold on part of the new abortion law that would not allow doctors to perform abortions unless they had sanction from nearby hospitals. Of course here in Texas – which is completely controlled by very white Republican men – that is not possible as hospitals would lose both their private and state funding. This serves as a double whammy here in Texas where these hospitals have to flip the bill for the state with the highest number of uninsured, 26% which is 6.6 million people. No, Texas hospitals are in no position to allow women the freedom and liberty to have an abortion.

Wendy Davis who became famous for her filibuster at the Texas State Capital in support of abortion rights is now officially running for governor of Texas. And even she cannot defend this judge or the right to abortion if she wants to lose the election by less than 20 points.

Keep in mind she is up against Greg Abbot who has a holster on his wheelchair and votes loudly against any disability access legislation that comes by. That is Texas through and through and impossible to beat. Well at least until Hispanics get off their asses and to the voting booths.

Those of us who really care about liberty and freedom rather than just using the terms as propaganda words shouted at gun rallies have sat back believing that medical advances with alternative forms of abortion / birth control in the first hours, days or weeks of pregnancy would pretty much put the issue to bed once an for all.

But no, these people who care far more about potential children rather than the real thing have in Republican held states made great inroads in denying women even those alternatives.

Perhaps they will soon manage to overturn Roe V Wade and the old Confederate states can throw everyone in jail associated with the process at all levels. You know Freedom and Liberty for me but not you. There could be unforeseen circumstances in that though, perhaps they will need to build a wall across the old Mason Dixon line to keep the women from absconding North to real freedom and real liberty.