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Jon Matthews, Right-wing Houston Radio Host gets 3 Years in Prison

jon matthewsJon Mathews, one of Houston’s best known local Right-wing radio hosts has proved to be just as personally disgusting as his radio talk. Rack Jite has gone toe to toe on the air with Matthews on not a few occasions. For twenty years he has been the Houston voice for the most extreme Right-wing reactionary crap in Houston, dwelling mostly upon overt racism and a gungoonery putting even the NRA to shame. The star of Houston’s 24/7 Right-wing line up on Christian owned KSEV, this Law & Order advocate was recently sentenced to 3 years in prison for breaking his probation from a 2004 conviction of exposing himself to an 11 year old girl.
Read Article in The Houston Chronicle
At the time of his original conviction one could go to the KSEV forums to see his admirers line of defense. Believe it or not, that defense was that the 11 year old girl looked older than she was. She was a neighbor kid who came to his house to pet his dog for crying out loud.
Though his abject bigotry and racism — and like Rush Limbaugh, his endless name dropping of the mucky mucks he met on the golf courses of Harris County — it was his singular NRA gungoonery that most defined him. A day seldom passed without his ranting and raving over the Brady Bill or advocating assault weapons for white people. In fact when Texas passed a bill to have all cars pass an emissions test which cost drivers $21.50 every two years, he lead an armed march on Austin to stop it in its tracks. Which here in Dumbass, USA worked.
Matthews, Houston’s most notable racist radio host is now on his way to that big black dominated cheap hotel, without his assault rifles! How sad.