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Roma, great wonderful movie with a fatal flaw

The star is Cleo, Roma means gypsy.

What a beautiful movie. How can one not love Cleo? Or the emotional beauty of the film?


There is a scene of her boyfriend, totally naked, full frontal, near camera, doing a karate routine with his dick and balls and ahole swinging hither and yon that goes on to what seems like forever.  Most disgusting nude scene I have ever seen.

I do understand the point, that Cleo’s boyfriend is a self consumed dick.  But gee, making this movie totally unavailable to kids, and to I would guess MOST PEOPLE, just to make that point which is made just as well numerous other times is beyond me.

I found myself so disgusted I had to FF. Shut it down and take a break. One of most beautiful movies ever made forever ruined by this one minute of over the top horrifying full frontal male nudity. It was like someone in you living room, 5 feet away swinging their dick in your face.

Had to say that.