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Samantha Bee, Black woman Governor and Abortion

“If Trump has not paid for at least half a dozen abortions I will eat this blazer.[Well offered to at least.]”

Which brings up the issue of why over 80% of Evangelicals are sucking up to this more than obvious antichrist in the White House.

  1. To deny women the liberty, freedom and right to control their own bodies via abortion and birth control.
  2. To force their religion into all levels of government. [Christian Sharia Law]

Much like the NFL now requiring patriotism.

Where’s the flag burning amendment? Coming before November perhaps?

What with so many cell phones at stadiums to watch the replays, perhaps it is time for a few fans to sit for the anthem out.  Plaster the screaming, the beers thrown and punches videos of it all over social media.

If you talk to God that is praying, if God talks to you that is schizophrenia.

Religion comes from need. We cannot take that away from the criminal, the sick, the convict, the addict, the ignorant, the uneducated, the lonely, the oppressed and the pathetic.  The rest of us can do just fine without.