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Samantha Bee, Don’t count on the Blue Wave!

“We watch Fox News 10 to 12 hours a day.” Woman at Michigan Trump rally. I suppose the other six hours of wake time is spent listening to Rush Limbaugh. And then there are their dreams…

“I don’t know any Democrats, I do not associate with that form.” Man at Michigan Trump rally.

So different than my life in which everyone I associate with – other than my immediate blood related family – is one of those people. The only time I ever speak up, for fear of being shot, is when I ask my daughter’s Mother-in-law to please stop using the NWORD in front of my grandkids. Which is dangerous as she always wears a 9mm.

Bottom line in all this is that Rush Limbaugh and Donald Trump are not the problem, the problem are those who listen or vote for them. Reach out to them my ass.

This all comes from recent polls that from 2016 to this week show Millennials moved 9 points favoring Republicans over Democrats. How could that be with the entire Republican Party becoming syncopates for a racist homophobic misogynist buffoon who wants to take their weed away?

My guess is they saw a $12 increase in their two week pay stubs from their jobs at Carl Jr’s and Forever 21.

Be that as it may, don’t be complacent as we were last time, vote and take as many people to vote as you can fit in your car. Rent a bus.