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Samantha Bee, Trump’s Art of the Iran Deal

You go girl!  Within hours after Trump pulling out of Iran deal to the exasperation of Europe and most everyone else other than Bennynahoo, missiles are flying between Israel and Iran’s forces in the Middle East. I don’t know could have been minutes after. Israel this morning is having and emergency meeting talking about not only regional war but World War III.

We really do have a madman in the White House.  Why is he doing all these stupid things like pulling out of Nafta, the PPE, the Paris Accords, and the Iran deal?  Because Donald Trump is a full blown racist who came to power by leading the racist lies and conspiracy theory of the  Birther Movement FOR FIVE YEARS to override the election of our first Black President. Just that along is enough proof.

Most of what he does is to get his revenge on Barrack Obama who he hates more than Hillary Clinton, CNN, WP, NYT, NBC, ABC, CBS and anyone with an IQ above room temperature.

Donald Trump is a racist, period.  And using one of his infamous words, EVERYONE knows it. Trouble is the majority of White Americans like that. And here in Texas and the rest of the South it is a vast majority of white people.