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Sarah Sanders says CNN singled out by Trump for DISRESPECT

Understand that after refusing to call on CNN reporters in a London presser claiming FAKE NEWS, a few minutes later Trump also added that NBC was worse.

Trump and company have attached themselves to the black culture trope of RESPECT. Beginning with the Aretha Franklin song in 1968 this R-E-S-P-E-C-T thing had gotten out of control.

About 75% of gun murders in America are gang related. They say in commission of a crime, which makes us think armed robbery, stop and go’s and liquor stores, carjacking and home invasions.  My bet is the vast majority of murders in the Hood concern RESPECT between gangs.

I have always questioned this crap that everyone MUST respect everyone else.  No. Respect must be earned, not given by birth or an act of God. We all have to respect pimps, drug dealers, and gang members? Come on.

Sarah Sanders: We Pulled John Bolton from Tapper Interview Because CNN ‘Disrespected’ Trump